Caves in Wales (that aren

Caves in Wales (that aren't boring)

Dark, dank and dangerous. That's the general consensus when it comes to caves. Wandering around in the darkness looking at rock, more rock and - oh, look - even more rock.

Well, caves in Wales are a little different. Whatever preconceptions you might already have can be completely overturned because there is so much to surprise you in this incredible country, including the multitude of fantastic things to do that you can find underground. You can kayak, climb or bounce your way through the caves in Wales. Yes, that's right, we said bounce!

There are a whole host of incredible places to visit, so take a look at the unforgettable caving experiences we’ve gathered together.

What would you prefer? Pick your favourite.

  1. Go trampolining in a subterranean disco
  2. Gaze upon extraordinary waterfalls in an enormous cavern
  3. Kayak the salt water sea caves of the Pembrokeshire coast
  4. Listen to an experiential tale of intrigue
  5. Clamber through tiny spaces and test your limits
  6. Or hike the Brecons to discover Batman’s lair

Adventure awaits...

1.      Bounce Below, Snowdonia

A place for: adventure, excitement and tonnes of fun!

Bounce below

Ever gone trampolining in a cave? If not, you’re missing out! This underground adventure centre allows you to jump and slide your way through the disused mine. Adventure junkies will get a kick out of the above ground four-person zip line (the first in Europe) which will take you on an exhilarating ride across the quarry, while kids as young as 7 years old are welcome at the phenomenal trampolining disco in a cave (adults of all ages are more than welcome too.) 

Stay near Bounce Below so you can roll into bed at one of these holiday homes after a day of cave jumping.

2.      National Show Caves Centre for Wales, Brecon Beacons

A place for: weddings, dinosaurs and awe-inspiring spaces.

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Don’t be fooled by the rather official-sounding name as this attraction is dedicated to dinosaurs – it has over 200 life-size models outside the caves. When you’re ready to enter you can pick from three subterranean spaces: Dan yr Ogof Cave, Bone Cave or, our favourite, Cathedral Cave. This third spectacular cavern is filled with breathtaking waterfalls making it one of the most romantic places in the UK for a wedding. So, if your dreams for your big day are to host a ceremony that is somewhat unique, this could be a perfect fit!

Rest your head at one of our hideaways in the Brecon Beacons National Park.

3.      Mayberry Kayaking, Pembrokeshire (South Wales)

A place for: adventure, intrigue and unique experiences.

Mayberry kayaking

When the tide is right, you can paddle into the salty sea caves and discover the mysterious green waters of the Witch’s Cauldron. The light that filters through the water and the currents will vary how bright green the water will be. There are also plenty of other intriguing tunnels you can kayak through, including a cave that is completely pitch black apart from a single ray of light that streams in creating an atmospheric visit.

Go kayaking in The Witches' Cauldron then retreat to one of our cosy cottages in South Wales.

4.      The Silver Mountain Experience, Aberystwyth (West Wales)

A place for: discovery, intrigue and excitement.

Feeling brave? Then journey into the darkness with the nightmarish Black Chasm interactive guided tour that will lead you through the old silver mines to meet all kinds of terrors. If you are more of a historical buff, there’s an experience called ‘A Miner’s Life’ that will take you back in time and lead you through a history of the people who once worked these old mines, while younger visitors can follow clues left by a dragon in ‘A Dragon’s Tale’ experience. Once you’re done underground, there are surface attractions to investigate on-site as well.

After a day of stories, withdraw to one of our holiday homes in West Wales to relax.

5.      Blue Ocean Activities & Adventure, Brecon Beacons

A place for: adventure, the curious and dark tiny spaces.

Blue ocean

Crawl through the tunnels and cracks of the rock with only a headlamp to guide you on this subterranean experience. You’ll be together with a team wandering in the darkness: just make sure you don’t get left behind! Scramble over sharp rocks and duck under stalactites, walk through murky waters and climb down steep rock formations into the earth. Some sections of the route will open up so you can walk through large cavernous tunnels, but you’ll soon be clambering into more small spaces, testing yourself against these caves. Watch the Blue Ocean video to see just what you’ll be up against.

Recover from this exciting adventure at one of our cosy cottages in Brecon Beacons National Park.

6.      The Bat Cave, Brecon Beacons

A place for: natural beauty, intrigue and exploration by foot

Bat cave waterfall

This one is for the film buffs. Hidden behind a cascading waterfall in the Brecon Beacons you’ll discover Batman’s secret hide-out. Well, not exactly, but this is the cave that portrayed the entrance to the Batcave in the film, The Dark Knight. You can walk into the cave behind the waterfall and look out through the cascading water while listening to it thunder into the pool below. The Brecons is also known as waterfall country so after visiting Wales’ incredible caves, take a look at our post on whimsical waterfall walks in Wales.

Collapse onto the sofa and put up those weary feet in one of our cottages in the Brecon Beacons.

Entering the caves

What are you waiting for? You know which of these experiences is your favourite so come to Wales and start your caving adventure.

Yes, caves are dark, dank and dangerous - but they can also be intriguing, exciting and full of surprises! While there are plenty of types of rock to look at while you explore, you won’t have time to pay much attention when there is so much to keep you entertained.

If you visit any of these fabulous attractions, let us know how you get on – we’d love to hear from you!

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