Once upon a time in Wales holiday cottages

Once upon a time in Wales

Shannon 22 February 2019

sugar and loaf poem

Are you sitting comfortably?

…and so the story begins.

Please note: Today’s stories will contain aspirational entrepreneurship, regretful endings and plenty of good will. But while the properties you see are all real, some fairytale stories and scenes have been created purely for your entertainment.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Last spotted: The Carriage House, North Wales

Goldilocks illustration eating porridge at The Carriage House in North Wales

I’m sure you’re all very familiar with the story of Goldilocks and her obsession with porridge, but what you may not know is what happened after she escaped the wrath of Daddy Bear. The traditional tale hints that the frightened girl had run into the forest never to return, when in fact the real ending couldn’t be more different. Goldilocks simply couldn’t resist Mumma Bear's creamy oats or the marshmallow soft, cosy beds. So, after swallowing her pride she turned back and issued a heart-felt, sincere apology, paying for the repair of the broken chair with her savings and helping to straighten the bed linen.

The lucky girl was invited back on a weekly basis and always stayed for a sleepover, so she could devour a bowl of sweet deliciousness in the morning. With views over the lush green garden and rustic wooden features, she never felt more at home than when sat at the long wooden table in the heart of their home.


Last spotted: The Mansion, Crickhowell

Cinderella running away from The Mansion in Crickhowell, leaving a glass slipper

We all have that one friend who repeatedly makes the same mistakes over and over when it comes to love. Well, in the circle of princesses, Cinderella is that friend.

Having found her ‘Prince Charming’ on that infamous night at The Mansion where she lost her glass slipper, Cindy fell into a routine of falling in love with any Tom, Dick or Handsome before getting bored and sprinting away from them during dates, always losing a shoe from her prized collection in the process. Before she knew it, her once grand wardrobe of beautiful footwear looked more like a modern-day museum exhibition, filled with widowed slippers covered in battle scars and scuffs. She often wondered where her solo Manolos had disappeared to, but after a quick Google search she discovered the whole lot being flogged on someone’s Depop account.

Princess and the Pea

Last spotted: Felin Newydd House, Hay-on-Wye

A bed at Felin Newydd House, Hay-on-Wye with a pea and crown

After her battered and bruised body had recovered from that terrible night with the pea, the (now happily married) princess decided to put her expert bed-testing skills to good use by setting up an online mattress company. She worked for 100 days and 100 nights designing and creating the perfect place to rest her head before setting out on a mission to market her innovative product to the world.

With a chic Scandinavian design, cost effective materials, space saving packaging and the promise of ‘ultimate comfort or your money back’, the mattresses flew off the shelves, immediately becoming an internationally renowned brand.

Have you ever seen those mattresses that arrive in an insanely small box before unravelling to become a super-king-sized bed? Well, it all began with this clever princess and a petit-pois!

Little Red Riding Hood

Last spotted: Wood Shack, Abergavenny

Little Red Riding Hood at Wood Shack in Abergavenny

After battling with the wolf and saving her poor old grandma from the jaws of death, Little Red Riding Hood found herself badly in need of a rest, so booked a visit to a beautiful Wood Shack in secluded woodlands for a #digitaldetox. She swapped her Apple iPhone for a basket of fresh Pink Ladies and her ruby red cape for a fluffy white dressing gown. Before setting off she took one last glance at her ‘Timber’ account and swiped right to a handsome young lumberjack who didn’t live far from the property. They chatted for a while and arranged to meet later that day to share a slice of the cake from her basket. After an hour or so of relaxing, unwinding and forest bathing our heroine put on her finest red hood and set out to meet the man of her dreams…

Now, you’d think Little Red would have learned her lesson after being royally cat-fished once before by the wolf, but sadly she hadn’t. The handsome young lumberjack turned out to be nothing but a beast (and we all know how that one ended!)

The Three Little Pigs

Last spotted: Vivianna, Tenbury Wells

The Three Little Pigs and the big bad Wolf at Vivianna, Tenbury Wells

A few years after the dust had settled on what they all referred to as ‘the incident’, the three little pigs had rebuilt their lives in a far sturdier home, supported by a gorgeous living tree – a most unusual and eye-catching feature of their new abode. The wolf, feeling guilty about his misdemeanours, decided to visit the new house to explain his side of the story. His reputation had been ruined by the press after they had misconstrued his heavy-breathing intentions and he wanted to set the record straight once and for all.

The pigs saw him approaching and shouted out of the window at him ‘Bad luck Wolf, there’s no way you’d be able to blow this one down! Jog on furry face.'

The sadness in the wolf’s eyes quietened the pigs for a moment, allowing him to speak. He said ‘I’m so sorry for blowing your house down all those years ago, my little pink friends. You see, I’d only popped round to borrow some sugar for my tea, but I had a terrible cold and couldn’t stop sneezing which unfortunately blew your houses down. I do hope you can forgive me, it was a simple accident.’

The pigs decided to forgive the wolf and helped him build a new house close to theirs, where they could all live happily ever after.

Hansel and Gretel

Last spotted: Ty Donkey, Crickhowell

Ty Donkey in Crickhowell covered in candy canes, sweets and biscuits

I imagine the last you heard of Hansel and Gretel was when they returned home safely to their father to live happily ever after with their inherited wealth. Well, what you may not know is that Hansel and Gretel went on to become successful young entrepreneurs, returning to the gingerbread house to invest their money in a new business. Using the fine kitchen gadgets left by the evil witch, the pair decided to test out unique flavour combinations, forming the basis of their new biscuit-based enterprise: The Gingerbread Crumb Co. From avocado and feta to pink gin and pizza, their doughy taste sensations quickly became much demanded throughout the land.

After landing a presenting spot on ‘The Apprentice’ with Sir Alan Sugar-and-Loaf and The Great Fairytale Bake Off, the pair lived the rest of their days in luxury, signing up for the occasional panto and reality TV show like ‘Dancing on Icing’ to keep themselves in the lime-light.

The Nutcracker

Last spotted: Beautiful Old Burfa, Hay-on-Wye

Clara dancing in her room at Beautiful Old Burfa, Hay-on-Wye

Having returned from the Four Realms with a whole new perspective on life, Clara was more in love with her toys than ever and wanted to share her passion with the world. As it was now the digital age, she decided the best way to do this was by setting up her very own YouTube channel where she could share her thoughts on the latest toy releases with millions of viewers. She tested each one thoroughly, regularly heading back to the Four Realms to use Marie’s machine that turned toys into real people before interviewing each one to find out their deepest secrets.

This unique insight on her channel meant that her views quickly soared, and before long she became the most renowned influencer in the toy industry. She landed a book deal to tell the story of her life, making appearances in every major city in the UK and building up a loyal fanbase beyond her wildest dreams. With the money she made from selling her story, she moved out of the city and found herself the most beautiful house she had ever seen, with plenty of room for both her and her vast collection of toys. She decorated each room with intricate vintage ornaments and stunning wooden furniture and turned the house from her dreams into reality and lived happily ever after…

Why not find your very own happily ever after (for at least a week or two) in one of these incredible abodes and write the next chapter of your very own story. Enjoy breakfast with a view at The Carriage House, a wonderful woodland adventure (with no risk of being cat-fished by a wolf) at the Wood Shack and the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had at Felin Newydd House. Book one of our unique properties today and bring these tales to life.

The End.

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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of writing, please ensure you check carefully before making any decisions based on the contents within this article.

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